Branson Alderman Hide Faces to Cover-Up Open Government Violation

Branson Alderman Cris Bohinc and Bob Simmons hide while "Colonel Sanders"  looking fella shoves me after one of  Branson's many Sunshine Law violations

Branson City Officials met yesterday at the Branson Convention Center to confirm coronation of a new city administrator. Branson Mayor Raeanne Presley personally called several reporters known to cover the city of Branson in order to prevent press presence.

As a result, there were no corporate press members present to witness the open and intentional Sunshine Law violations that followed. By law, the city of Branson is not required to post information online regarding open meetings. According to state statute, the City of Branson must give 72 hours notice - physically - (the online misinformation website maintained by the City of Branson omits important and damming information; however integrity of web publishing outlets is not required by statute (a great opportunity for politicians to lie at will).

The intentional violation of the Sunshine Law occurred in the most deliberate and sinister way I have ever seen in thirteen years of studying government including election coverage in three countries. The methods utilized were impressive. In fact, I have earned respect for Mayor Raeanne Presley - the depth of manipulation, deception and arrogance is undocumented in modern American government.

Under ordinary circumstances, a meeting is noticed, called to order and a motion is made to move into private session. Due to a complicit press, violations of this process are a regular occurrence.

Presley has been criticized by prior city administrators for her vagrant Sunshine Law violations which resulted in his firing ( firing the messenger is Presley's favorite game).

Local governments are allowed to move into private session under specific circumstances. For instance, if Branson Mayor Raeanne Presley wants to call a meeting into private session in order  to launder money, massively increase government regulations and create an environment where the Presley Theater is the only business allowed to operate through regulation - the law prevents this from happening. Unfortunately, there are few checks and balances to ensure open government laws are followed. The only group with an economic incentive is the press, unfortunately the 4th estate is subject to the same kinds of debauchery common in other industries.

Four meetings were called in two places yesterday. Two meetings were canceled. Notification was sent stating two were canceled. The other two meetings occurred but at a different place than noticed. Press members who follow the journalistic process normally attend the meeting until there is a call into closed session. The location noticed was not utilized but was rather decorated and unattended. A secret location was established where the meeting actually took place. Two conference rooms were rented to evade public eyes and public scrutiny.

For several years Branson's current administration has been in continual violation of open government laws. One round of correspondence has been issued by the Missouri Attorney General and it's my hope that more will follow. Where Presley lacks wisdom she's very clever in her handling of politicians and reporters. She makes personal phone calls and initiates off-the-record slander to ensure political position.

As a journalist I've been blessed by the many "lovers of liberty" within the ranks of Branson employees. Presley is hated by Branson Employees for her heavy handed ways of managing city employees and has issued new protocols to block communication between press members and the public. Before Presley took office the position of Mayor didn't have hands on communication with low level employees. Presley on the other hand loves directly telling engineers, attorneys and other employees how to do their job.

Several legal counselors outside and inside the city of Branson have advised Presley that some of her actions violate state law and the Constitution of the United States. At this point I'm in the process of trying to protect some city employees that have been asked to violate Constitutional Law and am not at liberty to release specifics on these issues as it will hurt people unneccesarily.

It is however likely that the City of Branson is under investigation and the time is moving quickly that I'll be unable shield the city from some very embarrassing well documented activities in contradiction to the moral dictates prescribed by law. I am not involved nor intend to be involved in the investigation.

Sadly, Branson's current mayor is unwilling to act with humility and admit that some of her activities conflict with moral and/or legal standards. An advisor helped Presley develop a strategy of intimidation which has forced to me assemble a defensive legal team.

To date Presley has initiated several means to ensure my rights as a citizen are not protected. When the police force refused to follow an unconstitutional dictate, Presley moved back to the table. Recently, understanding the lack of ethics or Branson's current leadership I made a Sunshine Law request related to the last 60 days.  According to the Sunshine Request I made, it can be assumed the City of Branson has spent $100,000 on a slander campaign. The 100k number is derived from a $2064 expense to view documents related to communications related to this reporter as a person (Darin Codon)  and the journal you're reading. Again, this would assume the City of Branson acts with integrity ( a poor assumption).

Throughout the course of history many groups have been isolated through alternative administrative processes. During Germany's darkest hour certain groups were isolated for their genetic and personality traits. Dissidents, political activists, gays, gypsies and people of Hebrew descent were identified as sub-human. When you convince citizens that someone is sub-human you can stop treating them as a human being.

In the case of Germany this allowed groups to be humiliated, tortured and enabled the government to end lives en-mass.

Five years ago I made a Sunshine Request that threatened the careers of a few city employees (intentionally vague). A reporter during the usual course of investigation isn't in great danger until he trips upon scandal. Most reporters will never actually break a large story but once in their lives. I'm in the middle of my second.

Having knowledge of a huge blunder puts a writer (or any other citizen for that matter) at risk. Since Presley can't stop me through edicts (illegal since the Magna Carta), nor terror (police department isn't cooperating), she's stepped up threatening action.

On Wed., I was aggressively stopped and harassed by members of the Branson Police Department on three occasions. This comes after a brief period of peace. This will discontinue as I have obtained legal counsel to ensure local leaders start (and I emphasize start) obeying federal and state regulations.

I'm in the middle of a journalistic investigation related to corruption by Branson's City Leaders. My intention is to study that which is political.

I have no intention of causing physical harm to anyone. And while our leadership knows this it is there hope they can have me detained to prevent this investigation. The method they're using is one of deception; ironically related to their feelings. This means of team of followers is creating rumors as to how they "feel".

Not only are these rumors dishonest; they're being created to cause me harm. While telling people I could be "dangerous" gets me chicks, the only danger they're in is the danger a godless and moraless politician has when a reporter isn't short on courage when it comes to telling the truth.

While Presley has created orders that have caused me physical harm I have no intention of retaliating. I want Presley and her cohorts to live long lives and see the city restored to leaders with integrity the people so greatly deserve.

Our leaders our reasonably scared about the exposure of financial dealings, legal dealings and a multitude of open government violations (one of which is elaborated above). They are not physically afraid of me - which they've been advised to state as a means to achieve detention.

My advice to our leadership is simple. Correct your errors, fix the problems through honest means, act with integrity and your fear of an active press who actually utilize the journalistic method will dissipate.

As for the Wicked Witch of Western Taney County  - your lack of wisdom, integrity and honor are a blessing to me. I wish no harm to your physical being as it would slow down the comedic material and joy throughout the county as I take notes. The journalism community in Branson is older than the music community - we birthed the Baldknobber nab (which the Presley family followed). But you have my word of honor that I mean no physical harm.  I promise not to even throw water on you

 I intend to use protection provided by law.. I will however not be intimidated to report because of your  pretend "feelings" or other means to terrorize me which you've used in the past - again, not even a glass of water.  If you don't like reporters actually covering the city of Branson - leave. I was covering this beat before you and will probably be covering it after you. You're the laughing stock of Taney County Politics - known for your arrogance, phoniness and complete disregard for integrity.

Reporters, journalists, writers - we love people like you - you keep us in business. I would take a bullet in my arm to keep you safe - I want you here a long time. You exhibit the true heart of King Herod and I hope the stories which generate from your actions are seen everywhere so other people can save their own towns from the special breed of ignoramus which has preserved your office.


Alderman Cris Bohinc - When the City of Branson was using physically aggressive means to intimidate me from covering the City of Branson I asked for your help. I want to thank you because the violence I was experiencing on a regular basis three years ago slowed down - it wasn't as terrifying to enter public property.

Before becoming a politician you lived a good life - taught Sunday school and were by all accounts a great mom. You're probably an amazing grandmother and I wish the best for your private life.

As for public life....

The first time I asked you for political debates you cried. After crying you started moving down the phone list calling people, gossiping privately and telling them you wouldn't debate your competitor due to me. The truth is you were unprepared.

You were brought into the Presley camp as part of a club to shift political power. You've met with Presley and other alderman on scores of occasions in private homes. You were asked by Mayor Raeanne Presley to serve as an alderman because she could control you. And she's done a great job of that.

You've broke every campaign promise you've ever made. You promised to serve one term (both you and Williams). What you've become is so far from the person you were I can hardly recognize you. You're on the government payroll and constantly complain about the amount of money you're getting.

In my opinion you're getting paid much more than you're worth. Perhaps, if Presley's war on the music industry were slowed your family would have more work.

You don't have the education, skillset or experience to serve the downtown district the way it needs. You're emotionally manipulative and when asked to improve downtown you cry about "not being appreciated".

I don't appreciate you. You're a paid employee taking money from tax payers. This is in direct conflict to your role as Alderman. Your "BFF" Presley (Formerly referred to as the Wicked Witch of Taney County) is the master to which you show "great servant leadership to". You no longer have my respect as a political leader nor as a Christian as you've started rumors privately and broadly with no basis in truth.

Your activities as a city leader have put the future of Branson in great risk. You've help bankrupt the city treasury and perpetually deceive the citizens, as Presley asks, regarding Branson Landing finances.

You've been part of legal and financial decisions which you're frankly not qualified to address. My advice is to continue your education and choose who you are going to be - servant or leader. Your perpetual answer to phone calls you receive as an Alderman has been to create new legislation each time someone chooses to manipulate you.

For the record, we are not friends and yet I am not your enemy. But we can no longer go off the record and chat alone. because I don't currently find you trustworthy. In fact, I'm afraid of what you might do with your emotions as a guide. You have intentionally spread misinformation to create a situation where I could come into harm's way.

I forgive you and harbor no anger but I am advised by my legal team to avoid off-the-record isolated communications as we've had on so many occasions. If you want to keep me from going to public meetings because you think government should be left alone to spend millions without scrutiny - too bad.

If you continue to issue false statements to members to the community and press members - in the way you have  - I will be forced to take legal action or just publicly clown you by elaborating on your activities in a very public way. Watch how far Presley runs from you in the way she has city employees who follow her orders and find themselves fired .

I've been trying real hard to avoid legal entanglements but you and your BFF's vindictiveness is unpredictable. Next time you use a curse word in a meeting I will post it. And don't think crying will help you get out of responsibilities you signed up for. And if you don't like pictures leave politics.

Don't ever command me not to take a photo on public property and think I'll comply. Read the Constitution - making phone calls to have me falsely detained will not inhibit my right to report, nor will it limit future liability.

Lastly, I will be going through the finances of Downtown Branson and I will be needing those in the form they were created, specifically Excel. I will be addressing each agency individually as they have different legal requirements. I've asked for them before and am in waiting. I no longer trust you will act without encouragement from proper legal authority and next time you pull the stunt you did yesterday I assure you I will take defensive legal action.

I would never do anything to physically harm you. Of course you know that because of our many off the record discussions including the one we had two weeks ago. I've always been polite regardless of your pottymouth.

As for your political career - I hope it's short - though it could be long. After all you're always willing to do the campaign dirt for your political allies.

Here's the deal. The police are no longer willing to physically assault me on Presley's (soon to be Branson's former Mayor) order. The strategy deployed, which was crafted during a closed session worked like this.

Presley was told to spread a rumor far and wide. The rumor was that she's scared. And she is scared 'cause she's a crook and I'm good at identifying crooks in government' (it's called journalism).

But that isn't what she was told to say. She was told to spread a rumor that I was dangerous - as in "he's gonna punch ya" dangerous. This involved Bohinc and Presley asking every sycophant they could find to spread this gossip. The intent was to create a virus of hate and fear. After the virus spread Bohinc was advised to act in a way to elevate tensions then call in a city employee to do an evaluation which would have resulted in a 96 hour detainment under the premise of a medical hold. Unfortunately, the plan failed. I was forced to leave the city, meet with a doctor and assemble a legal team. Basically, it doesn't matter if I'm found innocent or guilty in this case. If I'm out of commission, this gives 96 hours to spread more treacherous and dishonest statements.

The overall intent of this action is to cover-up a variety of activities the citizens of Branson wouldn't be willing to tolerate. If they can stop me from speaking in open meetings and publishing photos; they're more likely to be successful in spreading falsehood through means of gossip.

I use words and photos to tell stories. I believe and use the 1st Amendment of the Constitution of the United States. I don't even carry a weapon and I don't want to.

 My ambition is to one day serve as a prison missionary. I believe there is greater integrity and honor among our nations prisoners than political office. In Branson, I know this is true.

If Presley could learn to love the Constitution as much as she loves using public funds and legislation to promote her silly Baldknobber imitation show - we could lesson the damage already done to the community.

I don't respect politicians who use terror .As a peaceful and persistent pacifist I've learned if I don't stand up for myself ,  I'll be victim to politicians who hate liberty as much as they love the pain of a wallet fat enough to bruise their backside.