Legend of Kung Fu - (Show Review)

Legend of Kung Fu - Show Review 

The White House Theater in Branson, MO has been transformed to  a living embassy for Chinese creative talent.  Inside the theater, the Legend of Kung-Fu allows complete immersion into Chinese culture,  and a unique experience unmatched in Branson where most entertainment venues follow a standard localized format.

The Legend of Kung Fu breaks the mold of Branson’s entertainment offering by bringing celebrated international entertainment,  to our  vacation destination.

The show is a carnivalesque display of a lifetime dedication to the performance arts. The complex background changes between scenes and an orchestra of world class talent is no accident. 

The lifetime of dedication and training is apparent in even the youngest performers. Perhaps the most fantastic feat is demonstrated by a group of children under the age of eight who can spring from a no-handed flip to perfect balance on their head retrieving to a reverse flip balancing back to their no handed head-stand again. The trick seems to defy physics and the capacity of the human body to balance itself. 

The show is a demonstration of national pride for China and was showcased during the Beijing Olympics in addition to venues throughout the world. 

Branson is without a show with as much cumulative talent and skill. The hour and a half  theatrical presentation marries  acrobatics, gymnastics, dance, music and of course martial arts. 

Great For Children
The rapid pace was able to engage both a six year old and  a teenager with severe hyperactivity - nothing less than a miracle itself. 

Each scene provides a spectacular and diverse display of skill varying greatly in form from one to the next. Some scenes feature dance with graceful fluidity while others display hand-to-hand combat skills with rapid movement of appendages.  In one scene actors focus extreme force to shatter objects. 

The elegant dance scenes to death defying feats (such as balancing a body upon a spear) successfully achieve the show’s intent - an opportunity for China to showcase its greatest talent for an international audience. 

The plot of the show is secondary to the visual splendor of the actors; but mirrors the very path each participant must follow to qualify as a performer. Children leave their families for training at an academy between the ages of 5 and 6 years old. They leave their family before engaging extreme technical training. As in China, the players live communally in Branson. They have a personal chef who prepares meals in a giant wok four times daily. 

While the show shares Chinese culture, Branson has left an impact on the performers. They’ve developed a taste for bananas, nike shoes, blue jeans, Silver Dollar City Roller Coasters, hershey chocolate and  pretzel M & M's.

People travel from around the world to see Branson. The Legend of Kung-Fu is a world-class theatrical performance brought to Branson and a must see for visitors and locals alike.