Travel Club Bill Sponsored by Missouri Rep Nita Jane Ayres

Missouri House Bill 2345, sponsored by Nita Jane Ayres reduces liability requirements for Travel Club companies. 
Her seat in the Missouri House replaces former Rep and current Stone County Commissioner Dennis Wood who pushed stiff regulations on the industry in terms of gifting and increased the liquid assets required to conduct business in  the industry. 
While the Time-Share industry offers title and guaranteed weeks the travel club industry promises discounts and benefits for membership fees. Wood's bill increased the recision time for buyers.
During an interview posted on Missouri Netizen, Ayres shares some of the background on the new bill, Missouri senators supporting the bill and why it's important for those not in the travel club industry. 
Federal legislation has increased participation in local politics and strengthened the "behind the scenes" Republican party machine, traditionally weak in our area. Although Stone County is conservative, the unique circumstances of Wood's resignation placed party leaders in control of who was appointed to the spot in lieu of an election-at-large. Ayers will battle opponent Jeff Justus for the Missouri's 62 Congressional spot in August.
The travel company asking for the legislation gave contributions to Missouri Senator Gary Nodlers Senate campaign and in the last cycle contributed to Missouri Senator Jack Goodman's Congressional coffers.
Ayers is excited about learning the practical process of converting a legislative idea into law.