Shake Up at Wirestreams - ICIS Freezes Accounts

John Steele is a carpenter from Kentucky. His business involves creating custom cabin entry for clients throughout the region. Transferring funds to vendors and receiving funds from buyers proved cumbersome until early this year when John began using a money service business owned by Branson local Wayne Hicks. With a name and email address funds could be transferred and money orders printed from the receiver’s personal computer. The system served John well until the last few weeks when $30,000 in money orders bounced.
Apparently the system was a little too easy to use and proved a lucrative means for money laundering ventures. Hicks reports several "suspicious account activity" reports have been sent to the federal government over the last three years in compliance with Federal law and that all funds have been frozen while an internal audit takes place. Hicks also assures there is no correlation with an IRS audits dating back to May of this year.
Throughout the chaos, Wirestreams appears to be intact. Many Wirestream ventures were scaled back and some disappeared altogether however employees are recieving paychecks and the Libertarian News Network launched last year has been picking up pace with a new facility established on the north side of town opened earlier this month.
Though John has been cleared of any wrongdoing his $50,000 dollar account has been frozen indefinitely.