Snoop Dog - Starts Foolball League in the Suburbs

Snoop Dogg starts football team in Diamond Bar California.

Sponsors of Snoop's new league include a new cell phone company called Amp'd Mobile. A former youth football teammate of the rapper, pro linebacker Willie McGinest, has donated money and helped coach in Snoop's Long Beach chapter. He's sanguine about the inter-league controversy.

"This is a chance for us to save our community and to get our kids back," McGinest said.

One ten year old cried “I'm mad at Coach Snoop,"... He was so cool; he told me to play my heart out and to play everything I've got. But now I just want to ask him, why did he take all our players?"

From the Editor:
Listen kid, Snoop has to represent his hood. He lives in Diamond Bar and probably doesn't want his son to be humiliated. It's a tough lesson - I know. Though futile, like those of us before, you must play your heart out. Remember, no matter how bad it hurts - the pain probably won't last forever.

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